Diary of The Se7en III [EP]


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Introduction: "I don't hide nothing back. I-I barely, I mean I come from a family of poor welfare, know what I'm sayin. When I came out of my mother's womb I was on welfare. So it's like, you gotta keep it real. See, if you jump into anything and you try to change your way...see like, where I come from, if my niggas on, my people know me. So if I try to come any different, they not gonna respect me no more" - Ol' Dirty Bastard [Verse] Ayo peace See I can brag on every rapper I built But it wouldn't mean a thing if I aint help myself Respect the cypher Came through swinging like "what's the wordie?" Belly feeling light Been mad hungry to tell my story Since the youth man I bring that truth I've been that dude The Devil to get to lurkin' I get to bombin' on foos Now I done ran through the building like I Demand the presence of God Whenever I'm speaking Where I be For rats, a cold casket Never befriend em we speaking different I throw him off a roof just for existing He a dead man The undertaker, I welcome the many faces Complexities of agony For those that are trying to battle me now Say it louder That money, I'm prolly woker You done seen a couple movies Think you Joker, I beg to differ I'm from a small town around these parts Play it smart You've got a lot of heart, sing [Chorus] La-da-da-da-da-da-da-day
Introduction: Long lige Prodigy. The saga begins. It be the infamous, the villainous, VON POE VII resurrecting this... [Verse One] Aight now, Need all attention off them wack-rhyme Houdinis Niggas puff la, they nose blood Like popping off graffiti, wild litty Better get your mans, that battery pack Gon' have him lookini at gats This aint no place for the rats I'm blacker than cold nights Like Marcus Garvey with Berettas The seventh letter Get it crackin when I'm feelin it Living how I'm gettin it Rippin off into synonyms Runnin up in the buildings The villain equip with many men Too many caskets It's open season on you heathens My foot up in yo ass Just the way that I be kickin it Sign my roster we could do this Forever villainous, then reminiscence On memories, the years we spent to get to this Now look at how I'm living it A product of the people Never see me braggin Iced-out greedy neglect the needy [Chorus] Yo it's the G.O.D. Villain VON P. - P.O.E P-Town the mind thinks Heavy on my thoughts, I speak divine King Drama I bring, yo that's a small thing [Bridge] I've never been a victim Round the blocks that I rock Mad love in the city I officially docked [Verse Two] I know mad cats Living it large, or they living wealthy By any means a selfie on blocks They screaming fuck cops, and what not Time to regroup before they let loose Aye, who knew? Now all things moving just like they used to Said they saw the spirit of Prodigy When they spotted me Your favorite rapper sold out Left me to build economy Look, I'll spit a flame Put a hooligan in his diaper This aint the ending you've been seeing Spoken in a cypher, it's mad love For Riverside thugs Who bang across clubs and bust slugs Carry they guns while they on the running Before the fashion Only gritty titties in stilettos She kissing on my neck-bone My foot up on the peddle Yo, sign my roster we could do this Forever villainous, then reminiscence On memories, the years we spent to get to this [Closing Statements From Prodigy]
Introduction: Rude boy See, you a cool boy I like your groove boy So whatcu do boy? You pack a tool boy? Oh, you a fool boy You break the rules boy (Word, that's how I'm feelin it] [Verse] Rat-tat-tat-taaaaaaa The nappy-headed brethren The broken code inside The word of reverends I'm bringing that truth back For niggas who look just like me I'm burnin like 4-wheelers When spinnin off in the low-low G They wanted me cold feelin But I'm feelin like they prolly Got the wrong villain Aint never seen the god like this But I plead the fifth Now, meditation with the locus Over-dedicated my devotion You aint never had a friend like me Hocus Pocus [Bridge]
Radio Man 02:08
Introduction: Rise and shine baby. Yall ready to turn up? Yall ready to get crunk, get fuckin energetic as a mothafucka and 7 in the fuckin morning? Yall ready for that? I know yall got work and all that shit, some of yall got kids and shit, ya know. But I got that new Cardi B for ya'll to vibe out to. I got that new Migos, for ya'll to vibe out to nigga. Have a good one nigga. [Verse] Radio Man, Radio Man When you plan on playing something For the regular man, I mean Get it how you leaving without a question But it's 7 in the mornin', I'm just guessin' That maybe, the 99 aint really tryin' to hear about A mothafuckin millionaire Or millionaires that sing about Billion-dollar lifestyles They know they can't afford it When I see them out in public They be lookin' hella morbid Look, yo ain't it funny how many rappers Done turned dummy, yo they was thinkin There was money to be acquired What I desire, a quality of living My time breathing Life and all its meaning Use to the pain as fuel And push it through the ceiling The Villain, ooouuuuu Bumping through your stereo speakers I rep the seven god, the holiest teacher Yo bet I rock out Picking up where niggas should of left off It's time to take off. [Chorus] Radio Man, Radio Man When you plan on playing something For the regular man, I mean
[Verse] Ayo the Black man That be walking off with the Lord of the Rings The immaculate blingin' And head-locks to fuck yall feeling' I be that Devil Slayer, emancipation proclamator The day walkin', night stalkin' Talkin' while he barkin' Who the fuck want beef? Get seven shots to your teeth I'm feelin them cold nights Creepin up in ithe realms I feed How many died for these streets Am I destined to be a victim Or the villain that I speak of Knowing these bars anonymous My beanie rock a durag Pants hangin by my dick-line I'll stomp you with my chucks on Middle finger to the one time Don't get me started yo I came in this rap hungry I took a couple years off Niggas was acting funny Now, I'm similar to Denzel Or a Robert De Niro They call me the Black Pharaoh Threat Culture, all my apparel I want your heart as a medal I give a fuck about that bullshit Braggin about your homeboys Knowing they could never move this [Chorus] Gutta Gutta What's the word mothafucka
Introduction: "What I wanted to talk to everyone today about, I don't really want to preach, I just wanna more bring up some questions. And since I always tend to be a scapegoat, I thought we'd talk about blame. Right now everybody wants to blame music, they want to blame movies, but uh, have we forgotten that we have a dead guy hanging from a tree in our livingrooms?" - Marylin Manson [Verse] Ayo imagine coming off soft On blocks I rock, we know the ledge I've been close to the edge Whatever ya'll thought, that's minimal Who births a criminal to pinnacle's peak And under the moonlight we chanting Peace Akhi Ayo peace thunny, I'm flowing like Masters of rappin' speaking In a matter of fact like Knuckles bangin on the bleachers I'll teach ya, beautiful souls Whose hearts my goals unfold The poetry I speak is evolved We 89-ing slick style wars and Demand the world in my hands A quiet dude, but never running from them Yo, get your mothafuckin face stomped in And without a doubt, I bring that Terror to the warfare, niggas that go there [Chorus] Know the ledge You a god my friend Know the ledge Never fold nor bend
Introduction: My love gon' shine, my heart gon' shine. Just know that... [Verse] Ayo the storyteller The rhyme director, Helta Skelta Malcolm-X and Marcus Garvey both Be marching off to the letter The Holy Mecca, Mr Neva Crackin' Under Pressure The Roman face vernacular You know the god, spectacular The Asiatic Page Master, the rapture Behold, The Pale Horseman I am Death across the axis Speaking words to prophecy, walk with me I've never seen the "God of He" I AM, infinite and complete like... [Chorus] My love gon' shine My heart gon' shine My light gon' shine The god gon' shine Just know that. [Closing words from Radiance]


The conclusion to the DOT7 series, and the final installment to the TPOLAW Trilolgy collection. Designed as an extension to the third chapter of the TPOLAW series, Forever Villainous, DOT7 brings our journey full circle, closing any remaining lose ends to the story of my 20s. Enjoy the tunes, and be sure to sign up for "The Cult" membership, for exclusive music videos and shows.


released October 12, 2019


all rights reserved



VON POE VII Perris, California

Film the timeless, and record my poetry. A man of few words.

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