Diary of The Se7en [EP]


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[Verse One] Sixty seconds with a mic in the booth And I'm proof, the villain god-body relaxed in a coupe I got my feet up like fuck the world These rappers is basic And I'm contemplating my return like tax evasioning statements, word Dolla dolla bills, you did it for the millions I do it for civilians on the corner blocks and project buildings Independent floetry reflecting the poetry You suckas do it better where? Point me to your prodigy, huh I bet a stack that he ain't mobbin deep I'll moonwalk across the street And backhand that Billie Jeanugh And social commentary asking where I be at, dawg I'm eating cereal, posted where my queen at Listen, the art form done revolutionized the culture And I'd be damned if as a Black man I sold my soul to vultures
[Verse One] Aye put a timer on the clock Yo, I'ma bounce in a minute I'm like the Phantom of the Opera Meets the Black Bruce Willis I'm prolly the illest to deal it til a Zimmerman killing Shoot a Nazi in his face When trying to speak to The Villain Ayo the Black assassin killing devils off in your faction My voodoo, sticks to you like Russia to that Trump dude I'm Dooku, the rest of you like clones in this new school VON POE VII been a rebel to cause And I be chillin on my lonely When I'm avoiding all the phonies Yo I'm too nice, recognize the darkest of lights You a hoe for the likes, I'm laughing, I just doubled the price About to hit the brodie Hus like, this The Winners right? This the Threat Culture's most awoken And they calling me the seven Cause they know that God has spoken See lately I've been feeling like Ain't too many dealing mic prescriptions Yugen Blakrok, she the illest A Black female, no jezebel Respect to the mother of Earth Put us in the booth to share our truths No darker roots / Ayo it's day two, stay tuned
[Verse One] Im tryin to be the definition of greatness And I ain't ever been wack The most relaxing when it comes to the craft I want to reach the masses I want to cherish my integrity Leveraging out my options As my talent rides the melody, listen I'm painting pictures with da Vinci scriptures Get the fuck up off my dick If you ain't ever been through shit What's the word, what's the word Yea that's what they screaming So many opportunities beaming Give life to the meaning I'll be around, ain't really trying to knock y'all But for the record, this that Threat All that greatness that you wished you possessed Aye dawg I've been that And it's funny how they speak about the Rucka From the music to my videos let's keep it a bucka A one man army, I'm stashing the laundry And God informed me I keep my talents locked dawg Don't ever let em con me Yo it's day three I'm chillin in the house like Mr. Cooper Laughing at oompa loompas on my video screen Ayo you right dawg, VON POE he prolly the illest But he be lackin with them videos So it's hard to really feel him Dawg, I feel you I'm about to change it up on critics one time The Villain of the Opera on the corner chanting mantras
[Verse One] The god ain't feelin your demonstration You marching for justice Like Malcolm X ain't caught a bullet for statements Swear to God, you made from the snake skin Of the cowardly hearted Dearly departed, stack my funds Don't give a fuck whatchu talkin This dedicated to my sinners serving life in the box When mothafuckas swear they know you But wasn't there from the block Baby you rock depression Nigga I greet the pressure that lock on these A shady homie spends his life in the trees Ayo it's funny looking back on life, and all its degrees My family tree consisting of felonies Of the misdirected Ebonies My pedigree Is something that you never ever could take from me I'm rocking the beat like Socrates And mathematics philosophies The Prophecy, manifests like children of the Titan spree That Greek Mythology, reflects my legacy My hypothesis speaking of a prodigy You a dummy tryin' to copy me I'm speaking the god degrees If you ain't blessed, then come and follow me
[Verse One] I want to see your truths These days, spit the pain in the booth What we was, verses what we knew And back then, we would stand on stoups You got beef homie, bring your crew What's the ratio for losses? Lessons, the game it taught us Raise martyrs, to protect our daughters Shots rang from the blocks we rocked We came a long way from that similar pop Trippin' off of war stories, guts and glory Friends died, we just down our 40s Love lost, smoke a blunt with shorty Life spent of the blocks with 40s Young Kings, we just want our glory
[Verse One] Ayo my style is like, 96' bangin on apartment strips Cuhzo kept the summer hot Never rocked with counterfeits We knew the ledge My legacy destined to snatch your papers bread Did it for the culture I never really cared what people said Put me up against em I bet I'd dead a man If I ain't in your top fives before I'm dying I'm coming back like the Son of Sam Bomb the lands you walkin on Resurrect the Renaissance I'll put you up in a guillotine And separate your final thoughts I got a trilogy streaming, yo you should peep it And it's safe to say that after this A new album is creepin Ayo it's VON POE You rappers do it better nowhere Walk with the seven While you scared to beef here, word up I'll smack the Kufi off a goofy, like my name was Jim Jones On my way to Church You know how certified G's roll I really did this on my own, minus producers And r.i.p. to Ricky, we still rockin with the movement
[Verse One] Ayo they couldn't tell me nothin I walked away from money Plenty times in my discussions While hurting on the rent Ayo my stubborn pride defeated a lost cause And everybody wanna be a rapper Just lack flaws I'm seeing all these sponsorships looking out my rear view Aye baby, what that fame like? See I ain't never been you When the revelation pops off I'll be chillin with my socks off relaxing And long live the villain is what I'm chanting The industry had me fucked up I told them that they better off without me I don't do this for the fame This ain't no Chance The Rapper rappin' They see the cash And they quit to throw they life away in a basket But I ain't been a part of that cloth Won't catch me lackin' You speaking fashion I'm speaking about the prodigal sun Not the son in the flesh The infinite, illuminite one Cause we all from that While everybody's lost in this oblivion I'll be chillin on my lonely with the brodies Counting dividends, I feel that While everybody's lost in this oblivion I'll be chillin on my lonely with the Holy Get my spirit right


In an attempt to keep my thoughts in a positive space during a slight bump on this path we call life, I created a little Instagram exclusive series called, Sixty Seconds. The goal there, was to write a new verse with an extremely lightweight visual for everyone asking me to drop more music. I haven't wanted to put out a new project until I've done Interviews for the entire TPOLAW Trilogy, and have laced a nice amount of visuals for the songs attached to those projects. But I wanted to give you all a nice little collection of sixty-second tracks, for your constant support and patience. My gift to you, I hope you all enjoy it.


released November 20, 2018


all rights reserved



VON POE VII Perris, California

Film the timeless, and record my poetry. A man of few words.

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