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The Cult, a centerpiece built on the foundation of the most dedicated of villains. A space hidden deep within the community of scholars and educators of my music and my writings. With an artist as dedicated as I am to my listeners, I'd hope that this space would provide a closed circle community where we can network and build with each other as a family, instead of viewing each other as artist and fan.

Within this space, I'll be sharing the lyrics of all of my songs, as well as video breakdowns and backstories to each of my songs and albums as well. Information about underground shows, meet and greets, and private kickbacks will also be posted here as well, and any future projects I do will be free for members of "The Cult". A space hidden from social media, build by my listeners, for my listeners.

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Perris, California
I film amazing people, and record my poetry. A man of few words.

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