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THE HYPE is a collection of several songs written during the first half of 2017. A continued extension, and the second installment of the TPOLAW trilogy. I spent a good amount of time on this entire series, and I'm really happy to have stayed dedicated to it until its completion. This project means a whole lot to me, and brings full circle a chapter of my life I needed to get over. My music has always been personal, but finding closure in the down moments in life, makes the music and the art all the more worth it. I won't ramble off too long, I'll end by simply saying this; I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and I hope this entire trilogy can help you with whatever it is you are going through in life. Long Live The Villain.

I want to also take this time to thank a few folks for coming through on this project for me, some super last minute haha. First and foremost, my brodie Papa J. Ruiz, never a question or doubt. Always coming through when asked without question. My brodie Joogy, thank you for lacing that intro, you set the tone to this entire project. My brodie Dev Twon, thank you bro. You spoke from the heart, and it's rare and appreciated. You don't usually rap, but you came through for me, so thank you. My brodie EmptySev, it meant the world getting you back on the mic. You FAMILY forever ugly, I mean that. To my brodie Sleep Sinatra, we have almost 15yrs of friendship behind us. For us to still be buildin, we unbreakable my nigga. To The Homie Dreebo, you a solid man bro, and I see us buildin a lot moving forward! TO MY WINNERS FAMILIA Hus Kingpin aka Lord Wavy, and Lyric Jones, this my first project with y'all on it. You two did justice to my sounds. You already know what it is moving forward. Word is bond!


released June 11, 2017


all rights reserved



VON POE VII Perris, California

I film amazing people, and record my poetry. A man of few words.

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Track Name: Voicemails From Joogy

"Yo yo yo! Man I'm callin' to let you know, nigga, it's been five years nigga. Five years, since we've been niggas bro. That shit's a blessing. A lot of niggas don't, you know, make it through like friendships and shit bro. It's been five years, since me, I've been on Organized Threat. And not only that, niggas got to become real niggas throughout the process. I hope everything is all well on your end my nigga. Man, can't nobody stop our blades bro. It's too sharp and swift my niggas. Tell these niggas, tell...tell these niggas that they ugly as fuck, and they can't fuck with OGT. That's all you gotta do. Walk up to a nigga and be like 'yall dont fuck with us? Well fuck yall too nigga'. Slowly though, and they gon' feel the burn. So let's get it. Aight man hit me up too, don't be no ugly ass nigga man. Aight gone" - Joogy Jugg


And I'm just waiting on my last day of living
Said I'm just waiting on my last day of life


And I appreciate the efforts given
Between my time apart
Recorded losses
Forever structure the rhyming
While time is passing him by and now
I wonder if they conscious now
Cause we was underground
By now we're far from the ground
My spoken poetry written
It's from the heart when I'm speaking
Reflect on times we was seeking shelter
For the rhymes that we write
My introduction was power powder
As I bomb through the night
And I'm just chillin on my lonely
Nine to fives for the rights
My independence has greater meaning
When I flow through the seasons
And you the half time show
A bunch of chatter with no meaning
I'm better
And regardless of the weather
I'm never rusty dawg
But you so thirty for the fame
It's such a shame my nigga
But I'm just talking yo
I'll be right back
And you keep shooting for them clouds
You know I got your back
And we gon' laugh about it
Damn, I miss my niggas
But we gon' laugh about it
Damn, I miss my niggas


And I'm just waiting on my last day of living
Said I'm just waiting on my last day of life
Track Name: Youth and Adolescence

"Because for so long we were living in these neighborhoods boxed in, and those neighborhoods were our world. You know, our little world was all we knew. We didn't know anything outside of that world. So to look and see people who look like you achieving great things, it's like 'oh, there is more for me' you know? It improves self esteem.It approves upon self worth." - Sean "Jay Z" Carter


We was runnin'
My youth and adolescence
My youth and adolescence
My youth and adolescence

[Verse One]

In eight-nine I was born
My twin brodie my roadie
My mama-dearest was solo
My father figure-ish living like
He aint planned to be sober
So Riverside in the nineties
Perris town to be true
In ninety-one, ninety-two
In ninety-three, ninety-four
By ninety-five I was conscious
In ninety-six we was hoping
That Rodney King wasn't rockin'
My Raider Nation was livin'
In politics we had Clinton
Cali niggas was Crippin'
And Makeveli was found a victim
Of his own decisions
Word up we hit the pay stubs
We was posted up independent
My momma was working two jobs
We was proud to be fitted
Smiling for what it was worth and
In ninety-seven my nigga
By ninety-eight we was bigger
In ninety-nine we had fell in love
With the glamour of triggers
And gangsta violence and fuckin' bitches
Couldn't comprehend it
A new millennium had hit the scene
We was laughin' at Bush
See I was just a little shorty
When them Twin Towers took
I seen em runnin'


They was runnin'
My youth and adolescence
My youth and adolescence
My youth and adolescence

[Verse Two]

My momma took my pops to court
Two-thousand and two
You see around the same time
I had got kicked out of school
You see around the same time
I was becoming a man
And I started to visualize
How much my pops had never loved me
Two-thousand and three
My first time in the streets
Continuation was segregated
But respect to the beef
Me and my brodie divided
That separation was weak
Cause public school without your nigga
Survival is bleak
Two-thousand-four reconnected
The same year we was stressin'
A couple deaths in my family
Like R.I.P. to my family
I was trippin back in o-five
Taking chances illegally
P.T.F. was what I repped
A party crew with gang affiliations
My nigga
Who repped the West for the Threat
My Spanish teacher had introduced me
To that Wu-Tang flex
So what's the word, what's the word
I was taking offerings
Two-thousand and six
I had a Black Goddess on my wrist
Believe that
Two-thousand and seven
R.I.P. to my brethren
The curse of Perris High
Two days before our graduation
It had me thinking like
My nigga I aint dying without a purpose
Too many homies is locked up
I can't die up in this city
I was runnin'

Closing Statements:

"You know, because a lot of choices are made from the position of 'my life isn't worth much, and this sort of living is not much. So if I risk my life, what am I really missin'? But if you know how valuable human life is, you'll have more respect for yours and others." - Sean "Jay Z" Carter
Track Name: Fast Food

"But generally, you think what you hear on the radio is terrible?" - Larry King

"I think basically, it's product. And the reason why it's being manufactured is basically just to make money, and it seem to me, to have very little to do with the basic reasons for making music in the first place" - Frank Zappa


My dollar bill drippin'
Grooving to the feelin'
Goddamnit baby
This is what we missin'
And I can give it to you
Put it on my face
I can give it to you
Any time of day
Any kind of way


Driving too fast on the road
Westside Cali on the go
Southside Cali where I roam
P-Town nigga, so you know


Ayo two toned livin'
My skin tone immaculate
I can make changes
I can demand the battleship
Live long
Live long and live prosperous
I came to boogie
Don't think that aint an option
Cause what I look like
Trying to sell white
With all this talent dawg
I'm just too nice
You're just too basic
I am too Christ
You resemble Judas
Selling out your rights
I can take you back to when we fell on tracks
We played that wax and found our sound
Cause what goes around comes around
What goes around comes around
In the mist of darkness
Nigga I found heart
I am the spark to lighten up your sound
Cause what goes around comes around
What goes around comes around


Driving too fast on the road
Westside Cali on the go
Southside Cali where I roam
P-Town nigga, so you know
Track Name: Perspectives ft. Lyric Jones

"We're all the same. And it sounds like some speech from high up, but we're basically all the same. You know, once you take away who we are. Take away where we come from. You know, we pretty much have the same things. You ask a person who they love, the first thing they'd probably say is their mother, their husband, or whomever. I mean we all love the same thing, we all want the same thing. We all have the same fears, you know. Fear of failure, we all have the same aspirations. We all have fear of failure in some sort of way" - Sean "Jay Z" Carter

[Verse One: VON POE VII]

Ayo my sword swings venomous
Law of attraction
Pain I've kept
Psychological damage
From years of panicking
Black God
My silhouette pictured on fireplaces in steel
I'm in a castle at the top of the hill
What's good?
You came through bitter we all die sinners
Took it back to my reality
With paintings and pictures I'm wildlin'
This eighty-nining
You was destined for greatness instilled
And I'm just laughin on this journey
Of glorious thrills
But what is poetry without the sickness
And what is agony without the stiffness
My Black Africa
Said you was missing a brain
And I aint mad I was mad at you
Stuck in the rain, it's real
My solar forecast predicted a storm in the weather
Now looking back
Yall can see we was stronger together
My warpath gleaming
You niggas was fiending acceptance
I brushed it off like dirty sex
In the bed after breakfast
The future is lavish
I style for the cabbage
And cast my net out
The fish that I'm catching is philosophical
Wisdom's never an obstacle
Forever a student
The rudest dude-ist to ever do this
And stick to the plan
I want the love for rocking the mic
Not singing to you
And I'm trying to uplift your spirits
Not steal them from you
I walk with a passion
That OG Threat and them
Best to back off
My visual Tarantino
And I would hate to have to kill Bill
You understanding me
The god is respected
Past me the mic
And I'm shooting shots at any who's testing
I'm tired of looking up to these niggas
Who never meet the expectations
You was way off
My dance with the devil
And Black accomplishments
You came through bitter we all die sinners
Took it back to my reality
With paintings and pictures I'm wildlin'
Like what's the price
I'm dedicated to retrograded
Perspectives of life
[And you was corny when I met you dawg
You still aint changed
But I still wish you all the best
Stuck in my ways] [2x]
I tell em


"Get involved in things that you love, and also have a standard for yourself, and have some sort of integrity and try to find some sort of truth in what you're doing. For me it's my life, it's who I am as a person. So I can't just let someone have creative control of who I am" - Sean "Jay Z" Carter


One time if you Black and you proud
You say it
Two times if you Black and you proud
You say it
Three times if you Black and you proud
You say it
Four times if you Black and you proud

[Verse Two: Lyric Jones]

Grew up with Addi dolls
Black Art, celebrated Kwanzaa
Never really had that colorism complex
Even in rap I was barely conscious
Of my skin tone
I always admired the likes
Of Jada Pinkett and Grace Jones
Adopted as an infant
But raised around the incense
Fragments of Black pride
The one thing I give my mom credit
Caribbean roots from my birth mom I inherit
A culture of merit
The globe yearns
For our talents and abilities
Much more than song, dance, and shooting threes
Blackness is fun
Until you face what we do in society
They try and redo without hiring
The sentence of Hebrew
They try to hide it from us
I'm just glad I know that I'm a Queen
Dimensions of inside others could never dream
They televise shit that we should never see
To reprogram our prior heights
To never be
I'm a product of the 90s
Dashiki and Black TV
My chocolate fist held high
I came from beebop
They trying to oppress and eve's drop
Folklore and let our songs cry
Black Goddess even in the rhymes
Track Name: Vices

Uh, yea yea yea yea
Uh, yea yea yea yea
Uh, yea yea yea yea
Uh, listen

[Verse One]

Looking back at the chapters
Lounging off at the beach
Summertime around the corner
Cali weather under palm trees
Do the most just to live it up
You do the most, you do the most
I be in the cut of my imagination
Far away up in the outer spaces
Turning up until the Devil coming
I'm a sinner baby
Never one for running
Vibe with me
That pussy good
And I got the wood to keep the flood going
Praise the Lord
Another year
Still independent after all the tears
Money coming like the son of God
Always working harder for the bigger picture
Living the life that I've chosen
Meditation in the forest
The possibility of possibilities
Running to me, my responsibilities
This is me
And my legacy is my accomplishments
Try to shit on that
A lack of common sense
My confidence is unbreakable


Now we was counting on em
Begging for some help
To get up out the waters
Hoping for a break
I've been so...
I've been so...
I've been so mothafuckin nice
I need a...
I need a...
I need a mothafuckin vice (2x)

[Verse Two]

Looking back at the chapters
Dosing in and out of my accommodations
I'm older now
Just lying down
Surrounded by all of these faces
Man, what a life
So much pain to give a nigga
Stuck up in the prison rack
Did my dirty all up my lonely
Was never no worry, I coming back
Some of my closest homies didn't make it out
Heart attack, some diabetic
As an senior citizen I give them credit
Every day is just another blessing
Overdosing off the wave
Truth be told, that shit was better for him
We saw it coming
But what is a man
When silence is all that he's asking from you
My ride or die until I cheated on you
My Juliet, you took away the stars
And never gave them back
I cried for that, but after that
I never shed a tear til my momma died
My brother too, he was such a fool
Dawg I'm missing you
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Yea, real soon


And I probably should of fucked that bitch
And I probably should of made pop hits
And I probably should of...
Spent less time up in these streets, man
I probably should of manned up
And squashed that beef
Track Name: Self Love

Ayo press play on the stereo please, press play. There we go. Ima need all of yall back on the dance floor for this one, or your living room. Maybe some of yall are getting down in the parking lot, bumping this in your stereo. Wherever you are, grab somebody next to you, and groove with me. Aight? Coo.

[Verse One]

Hold up, hold that pose
Sunset drippin I just want you to know
Feel the vibe
Groove to the baseline
We aint been the same
Since we first got high
Now slide with me
Just slide with me
Everything about to be alright
(Wait a minute)
Now slide with me
Just slide with me
Everything about to be alright
You aint been around here in a minute
You was running from the war
We was in it
Word is bond
I'm here to take yall places
And teach yall to love yourselves
All my independent women where you at?
Where you going with your fine ass
Bring that back
My apologies
I came to rock your policies
And maybe smoke a blunt in the back


Ayo P-Town killah where you at?
Riverside Riverside
We run the map
Say that one time
Speak your truth
Love yourself
And we'll be coo
Self love baby

[Verse Two]

You know I came to talk my shit
(Wait a minute)
I done waited long enough
This year I'm bout to get it
Recharged I've been living
The cost I've been spent it
The most talented
You joked but I meant it
Hold up, hold that pose
Leave the drama at the door
I just want you to know
Riverside when we slide
Dawg, kill your vibe
Cause you aint been the same
Since we both got high
Now ride with me
Just ride with me
Everything about to be alright
(Wait a minute)
Now ride with me
Just ride with me
Everything about to be alright
You aint been around here in a minute
You was running from the war
We was in it
Word is bond
I came to take yall places
And teach yall to love yourselves
(That's the basics)
All my independent niggas where you at?
Middle finger to the sky
Fuck the world if you can
And my apologies
I came to rock yall policies
And teach yall to feed your fam
Track Name: Iscariot

You know I had to talk my shit. Yo, the Threat up in this. Aint nothing new, nigga. The general VII, black psycho back up in this bitch. Iscariot.

[Verse One]

Let me set the record straight
For all these folks who be hatin'
I aint a pop star, singing nigga
That you'd be safe with debating
I war with the faithless
You rappers remain the talk of the tasteless
I run laps around you sucka
You better believe it
I said it, I did it, I meant it
What was good for the crew
And oh you really think you hot huh?
This records for you, no competition
My metaphors running laps around your settlement
I'm a mix of Brownsville Ka, Big Duke, and Billie Holiday
Jupiter runneth over
I rap from Coast to Coast
And boast for petty knock offs
And rentals you post
You want that real?
Well I'm hear to give it to you
They've been chillin for these last few years
I spit that voodoo
Who said I sound like Joey Badass
Or a wannabe Hopsin?
I bet your uncles buy your alcohol
Too young for this Hip Hop shit, huh?
Invoke my wannabe competition on the daily
I've never hid behind no crew
Handle my beefs in the booth
However you want it
Niggas swear they're Meech over a dub sack
I'm not a fan of the auto-tune
All that singing is wack
Ayo I'm fact checkin, the venomous
Return of the villainous
Generational lyricist
Leviticus written through my penmanship
The black-god Caesar, I'm walking on trees
Salute the King
I'm like the Maccabees
Running off with the cream
An invitation to the throw-down
To all you emcees, to any crew
Fuck being humble, just do what you do
You said you do it for the culture
And not the fame my dude?
Then why you braggin on the mic
About these YouTube views
You're not an emcee
Battle with me
I'm up in that ass delicious
Put an end to all that tough talk
Have you singing to these bitches


I want a banger in the front
For all my niggas who dump
Riverside, Riverside
Hold it down where you're from (6x)
Track Name: Only Human

"Brilliant. Arresting. Extravagant." - Unknown

[Verse One]

Word, my style is more immaculate
Educated notes upon these verses I'm quoting
Provoke your scripture
Meditate with creatures of the seas
I'm finding beauty in the beast
Throughout the wicked deeds
My understanding is, take what you can
And give to your peoples
Don't get caught up in the dramas
Of living like movie sequels
If you have a partner in crime
Just take a look at the times
Try to shower that person with love
And cherish the kind, they're only human


Words of wisdom
They're only human
I'm only human
They're only human
I'm only human
Track Name: Staccato

Word, word, word.
Peace to all things positive, yea.

[Verse One]

A silhouette reflects that cigarette smoke
It's been a minute since that needle and poke
That dirty dollars for the coke-lining, a filthy habit
That Vincent Gallo, she just wanna be in love with a star
And a believer on a Sunday
Her favorite rapper sings to her
Cashing out on all of her insecurities
During puberty, huh?
But live and learn
I guess regrets for the birds
She's finding comfort in that money
Tricking herself to the world
An Alcoholic on the regular
Whatever would take the pain away
And brighter days seem non-existent
But her religion got her feelin' different
In her eyes, this is part of a bigger plan
That God devised, she's down to testify
I get it, sweetheart
I tried to tell you, He turned his back on you
And after all this time
You still aint seen that ugly truth, huh?
She looked at me and said
"Nobody is perfect"
They found her body in the riverbed
She was reaching out to God's hand, staccato


We gon' be aight
Just send a prayer to God, man
I give it all to him
Put it all in God's hand (4x)

[Verse Two]

At twenty-two, with a 32 in the booth
See when it came to making raps
Nigga, this dude was the truth
Nothing but talent
Had a couple homies around him
Who had invested in him
Studios, music videos, and instrumentals
Poverty stricken
So loyalty in exchange for the service
Keep your dick up in your pants
And all this hard work gon' be worth it
I swear, a fumble up
Another mouth at the table
And he was just about to pop off
I wonder what made him
A Devilish angel
Thinking back on it
It probably was a convo, he said that
"God got me bro, regardless of my situation"
A couple years now, and he still aint popped
I see his shorty sporting another baby bump
On the block, my nigga
That baby money could be feeding your niggas
And all that mothafuckin weed you smoke
Aint feeding no niggas, you wildlin'
He looked at me and said
This part of God's plan
Everything gon' be aight bro
I put it all in God's hand, staccato

[Chorus] (4x)

[Verse Three]

So, word up.
I got a message from reality
This world could be an ugly place
With loopholes and fallacies
You want the real?
No sugarcoat when I'm speaking
And all you niggas waiting on God
I hope you find your peace
We battle human trafficking
And little kids molested
A multi-billion dollar
Prison system segregated
A neo-nazi president
And Whites who claim Confederate
And that's only in America
This world is much deadlier
So put my faith in who?
I can't see the vision
My nigga's mom just died
In front of her grand-kids last evening
And the block is getting locked up
Police is getting shot up
The rich is getting richer
Middle-class is in the past my nigga
So don't be asking about my faith in this shit
There aint no god up in the sky, yo
We living in Purgatory, bitch
And you the only one to blame
For your situation, so understand
Not everything we see
Was left in God's hand, staccato

[Chorus] (4x)
Track Name: My Brother's Keeper ft. Papa J. Ruiz, EmptySev, and Dev Twon
[Verse One: Papa J. Ruiz]

My brother's keeper
Mountain side where the shit gets steeper
Fever heater loaded by the reaper
Makes shit deeper
Hold my brother's down
That's a fact
I love killa Twon, Joog, Poe, and Mac
Vern De Niro doing ninety on the dash
For the cash, we aint talked in a minute
Still got love for you Sic
Answer them calls from my momma
Need to work on that shit
This for A-Vance, hustlas like Seth
Doing their seven year stink
Dirty bank rolls in Du Jour
In them dirty whips
With them Franklin gloves and shit
Shout outs to Chris
Boy I got yall like Big had Cease
Snoop and Daz, Fif had Banks
How Dre had Em
These my brothers, boy
Not my friends
There's some people
That don't feel me no more
But what's real to me more
My vision's independent
Money grossing, in mind decisions
Corporate crumbles to my humble stumbles
I wasn't raised by my cousins or my uncles
Moms and pops was working and I felt worthless
And "3" told me otherwise
Mark my words, baby
Fuck em on the other side
They could never take us out
Cause we live in each other
Until the end, we gon' always be brothers
[My brother's keeper] 3x

[Verse Two: EmptySev]

I never meant to be nobody's keeper
Keep my tongue to myself like a Jay Elect feature
It all changed when them bro-heads looked weaker
We ain't the same but I'd rather not speak it
None the less man, my brothers is with me
I never asked, but I keep them they keep me
From gangbangers to the compàs
Con la Banda they greet me
The same way I expect to be buried
There ain't no way my request would shock any
My boy Felix don't you think that we
Forgot you out here
Everytime I lift Coronas
I look to you for the cheers
But the fuckin THREAT we trust
And see no fear
No love dies over the years
Til' my white tees red with tears, Sonny
[My brother's keeper] 4x

[Verse Three: Dev Twon]

It aint no question if I'm my brother's keeper
Go to war for my brother
Go to war with the reaper
Went from finessing students
To finessing the teachers
You my witness dawg, if no one believe us
You my dawg, we aint leaving no witness
With my dawgs, we don't need no one with us
Hope my dawgs never beef over bitches
Til we on, we gon' hustle and get it
Fall down, hustle and get it
Cause my momma aint raise no quitters
Wipe the tears out three eyes
So the visions' more clearer
Pain still running deep
But the loyalties deeper
Grind Wisdom and Power
My nigga I'm still a gwap getter
Praying that Niz and Papa J. will finally
Work out their difference
Aint it ironic how a small picture
Could stop the big picture
Knowing we can big by ourselves
But together much bigger
We was sent to deliver
Signed sealed and delivered
With every step
Calculated in an organized system
Cause I'm my brother's keeper
[My brother's keeper] 3x

[Verse Four: VON POE VII]

And from the start of it all
I repped the Threat with a cause
Standing by reputation
Like what's your purpose and flaws
Do you believe in a god
Even when times is poppin'
And will you hold me down forever
If the love was ever lost in
These difficult times
Calling for these difficult crimes
Plottin' with niggas is vicious
Just keep your eyes on your riches dawgy
And stand by your peoples
See us and them, we not equal
We know that money is power
But money aint worth my peoples
See we was rockin' thirty deep
Back in that twenty-one-two
They say when that money comes around
That's the end of your crew
I watched these women act like bitches
When they should have stayed true
And all that tough talk turn snitching
When the cameras hit you
You lost your day ones
While me and my people
Remain and stay strong, we A-1
The bond that we building
Forever lives on
Couldn't top that
That's why you aint welcomed
Up in your projects
Never side stepping the issue
That's word to the Threat
I'm out in South Central with Traffic
Just cruising on em
Cruising Hoover with my cousin Stro
You know how that go
Most of my family be Crippin'
That's why I'm singing the blues
But they my niggas forever
And that's forever my dude
My momma dearest, I love you
My cousin Kel, what's the word?
My nigga Kenny, what's poppin?
My twin brodie, what's good?
Nigga we came from the bottom
So aint no stoppin' us now
I'm Perris town to the death
Riverside hold me down
I want a Kawasaki flooded with melanin
All black skeleton, my Panther Party
And triple sevens on my DL
I speak well, you reap Hell
For that life that you living
And I'm the Holy
Manifested truth for all of my brethren
I walk on water to save you
Give you my flesh and my blood
I'll wash the feet of a prostitute
And forgive her her wrongs
I'll cut the ear off your enemy
Just for doing you harm
Immortalize you in death
Whenever playing this song nigga
[My brother's keeper] 3x
Track Name: The Hype

"Okay, wait. I know my music is kind of, the 'what I love to do' music, it's not, it doesn't really appeal to the masses. You know, like 'let me go and make a jam that's more sounding like the sound of the time. So I can be popular and go on tour, and make that money.' I never didn't need that, you know. I'm good. All I care about is can I eat, and do I have a house. You know, can I live." - Brownsville Ka

[Verse One]

They say time keeps passing him by
Just let him leave it
A student of the arts
Never really for politicing
Too many rappers in the game
He aint competing with you
He'd rather meditate with god
And write a small haku
Philosophical, educated more better than you
And none of this is real
Is how he feels in the booth
Quite effectively, loyalty
That's reserved for a few, yea yea
It's a fact he aint impressed by you dudes
If money was power, the heartless Beretta
Niggas sell their souls for diamonds and bitches
The culture now reflects the monologue
And memories passing
You just follow the fashion
He's more of a trend setter
Of things you couldn't imagine
I know you're searching for the fame
What's really goodie my dude
Don't get caught up in the hype
Trying to impress these dudes
Streets disciple
Poe is like the reaper of grievances
The pain up in his heart
Is like the whitest of evil men
Remanence of better days and passing
Respect the G.O.D.
My flow is a vaccine
To all of the cancer in the industry
Word, I'll bomb first
That Makevelious feel nigga
And all you do is rap a lot
With no other skills
I beg your pardon for really
Yall like Milli Vanilli dawg
I'm more like Michael Jackson
82 when it was Thriller
It don't get no realer
See I just had to remind you
Speaking my name
Three timing like Candyman
And I'ma find you


It's the hype
Baby let me live my life
I'm just trying to live my life
Yea nigga, it's the hype
Baby let me live my life
I'm just trying to live my life (2x)
Track Name: Forgive Me ft. The Homie Dreebo, Hus Kingpin, and Sleep Sinatra
[Verse One: The Homie Dreebo]

I see me in a lot of you niggas
So I gotta tell you the truth
I can't lie to you niggas
I used to really want to get it
Split this pie with you niggas
But now I'm on some other shit
I'm finna body you niggas
Who's really sick with the flow
Who's really gettin' the doe
Cause I'm so focused on this paper
I can't see you know me
Man I'm soaring to the top
You niggas still on the floor
I asked some people bout your music
Shit, they didn't know
They sing along to my tracks
Like its Frozen
Cause the flow frozen
Bitch you know I goes in
This is just a message for them posers
(just a message for them posers)
This is just a message for them niggas
Hanging on to my shoulders
(hanging on to my shoulders)
All this weight I'm carrying
Is bringing me down
All this weight I'm carrying
Is bringing me down


Life Change
People Change (4x)
Forgive me
I can't carry all you niggas, man

[Verse Two: Hus Kingpin]

What's a dream to a nightcrawler?
What's waterboarding to a Wave Lordsman?
In a minute I'm waving off this my niggas.
I only came for the goal
And my shooter Von Poe
I've been living this wave close to a decade
A square garden in me
Niggas rappin radical ideology
Pimp please, you stressed over hoes
She cold, I fucked that bitch in a snowball
Close calls kept my wave large
She pray to a nigga, I'm a god
Wavo, bullets with pesos
I wrote the coke Bible
It's the Wave Ghost
Love me or leave me alone
It's Wavo Stallone
Pistol in my hamate bone
Let alone niggas is Wave clones
DigitAL Capone
What planet you landing on?
It's Wavo

[Verse Three: VON POE VII]

Philosophical gangsta
Word to the meek
While ya'll chillin on your comfy
I was roaming these streets
While ya'll was selfish
With your living
I was generous giving
Given then was dividends
That could of made us millions
A few of us turned killah
R.I.P. to the foes
Get your spirit right with god
Before you step to the lord
God willing, this horror story
Is something we finish
Riverside, Riverside
It's P-Town in the building
A check for every country in the continent
European scholarships
An African shorty for my accomplishments
Let alone pretty toes for my daily scrolls
Paint the picture
You niggas acting in your videos killah
Bullshit aside, we learned the difference
From bandannas, and Chuck Taylors
To hoppin' fences
From house parties and gangbangin'
To fuckin' bitches
Spray cans to politicing
And racial tension
Tried to undermine the struggle
And got lost in the hustle
That should of been a flip
You too old for this shit
Word is bond
Recognize the truth I'm speaking
I bang through speakers
I spit words, I could go deeper
Quoth The Raven, nevermore
I rip through vocal chords
Von Scorsese or Poe Pesci
And we ain't shooting videos
We shootin' movies
Ya'll niggas should of used me
Now you lookin' basic as fuck
I tell em

[Chorus] (4x)

[Verse Four: Sleep Sinatra]

It's like they try to clip your wings
When you rising
Yet I see the horizon
All the snakes and lies and weak ties
They feel you need to get your proper shine
So I'm out for mine
Flow charge you up
Like it's alkaline
Gotta keep peddling the ink
Til I found a shine
Even when I pass
Know the music's still bound in time
Nothing ever lasts
But these moments always sound define
Shoot it from the heart
Like the symbol of a Valentine
Tryin' to find peace like Palestine
Balanced I'm callus to the cold world
Whoever wanna doubt my mind
I pick battles with self
So I could vouch the grind
Seen the shadows of Hell
Chills ran down my spine
I gotta do it for the ones
Who aint around in life
I'll let the pain spill
Knowing it could drown the mic
That's what my brain is like
I'm trying to elevate my dawgs
Forgive me, I aint stoppin'
How I build for none of ya'll

[Chorus] (4x)
Track Name: Cheers

I'd like to make a toast, to success and happiness.
On this journey I've been traveling on.

[Verse One]

I told myself I'm greatest
A couple homies tried to hate on me
So I had to shake em'
Get them snakes the fuck up off of me
And I seen they faces, grillin'
Didn't want me to make it
They was too afraid
To see a Black man control the spaceship
I'm laughing at em
I'm laughin' at you niggas
You just had to gas him
I'm swerving on you bitches
I started from the bottom
And made my way to the top
And I took a look around
And said that shit had to stop
Them clowns was looking at me like
That man's more famous
Or she got more views
Like I need to stop rappin'
But you just a fan nigga
So you will remain nameless
You don't exist outside
These internet comments
But I am the VII
Yea I am the Villain
So most of your favorite rappers
Is probably my children
And most of them corny niggas
Is stuck in they feelings
But don't you see me smiling dawg
Restoring the feeling
I'm smoking joints with Everlast
I'm gettin' faded with Jacken
Divine Styler with the co-signing
You know it would happen
My brother J. and his kids
I'm a godfather of two
And you really really think
That I give a fuck about you?
I know a bitch who signed her masters over
Thinking she'd pop
I know a snitch who's paying thousands
To avoid getting shot
I'll smack that nigga one time
Just for dodging me once
Fuck it I'm taking over
Nightmares in the sun
But I aint trippin on em
Cause karma got a way
Of working things out
From getting shot on freeways
To robbin' your house, nigga
Keep playin with him
And he gon' have to make that call
While I'm smoking blunts in Malibu
Looking back at it all
Live your life


Fuck what they be talkin'
Keep doing what you're doing nigga (7x)

[Verse Two]

I told myself I'm greatest
A couple homies tried to hate on me
So I had to shake em'
Get them snakes the fuck up off of me
And I seen they faces, grillin'
Didn't want me to make it
They was too afraid
To see a Black man control the spaceship
But I'm laughin' at em, smiling
Just living my life
Plus my momma's doing good
Me and my niggas is tight
I know you hate to see me relaxing
In a positive light
You remind me of my ex
I'll cut you out of my life
Live your life

Track Name: Introvert (Thank You)

I appreciate you letting us up in here
(Ya'll can come up in here and do what you gotta do)
No doubt (You know what I'm sayin?)
(But on some last minute shit, ya'll need to record what ya'll need to record. And then ya'll gotta get the fuck up outta my shit)
Word, I feel you...
(I aint trying to deal with ya'll niggas all day)
Word, I hear you my nigga. I hear you.

[Verse One]

I've been living on the road
I've been hiding at the shows
I've been chillin on my lonely homie
I've been directing these videos
I've been living for a higher purpose
On the daily my nigga, what's poppin'
But you aint been around for years, homie
You ain't been around for years, huh?
I've been flyin' on a plane
I've been swerving in my lane
Just to prove it to you
I could do it to you
Me and you we not the same
You just do it for the gram, huh?
You don't do it for the fans, huh?
I never needed your validation
I never needed accommodations
From the start we gon' start it off from the bottom
If you looking for problems
You know Ima solve em
You be the type
Barking on the net
When knowing you don't want a problem
I be the type
Flexing all up in your face
If your girl is around
Just to make a statement
We've been waiting on a revelation
We've been waiting on the revelation
We've been plottin on a revolution
In a Honda Civic, to the White House
When we poppin' out with our fist high
Show these mothafuckas that we're unified
You the jealous type
And when I see you cousin
I'ma holla at you when I need you
And if I need a friend, if I need a friend
I sure as hell don't wanna be you


Sunshine, Sunshine
All this love is floating into space
Sunshine, Sunshine
And where I've been
You can't relate
Sunshine, Sunshine
I'm happy nigga
That's the honest truth
Sunshine, Sunshine
I wish the best
From me to you
Track Name: Closure (No Apologies)

"Well I know this, and anyone who's tried to live knows this. That what you say about somebody else, you know, anybody else, reveals you. What I think of you as being, is dictated by my own necessities. My own psychology, my own fears, and desires. I'm not describing you when I talk about you, I'm describing me" - James Baldwin

[Verse One]

Been five years in the making
I'm steady pacing
Looking back on what it was
And how that money
Had you faking it, huh?
So what is real love
When that circle that you lovin' on
Neglects to unify, or utilize
The words they're standing on
Was finding purpose in self
But you couldn't see it
Yo, it's funny when the tables turns
And you become defeated, listen
Lessons learned, bridges burned
But I aint trippin'
They asked me why I fell back
And I just had to peep it
We was falling apart
Another shot in the dark
And I was sitting there confused
Because I worked from the heart
I give a fuck about your fan bases
Or how you're feelin'
When you mention Organized Threat
You gotta mention who built this
The roster
Like back when we had did it for the love
Before the money had got involved
Before you showed me what your colors was
I found comfort in beefin'
For what it really was
A chance for me to understand
That my talents weren't for everyone
And every now and then I'll send a blessing
I wanna see you niggas winning regardless
I see the paper trail, the money you spending
The fancy cars and the women
I see you signing off your rights
For those who fight
To keep them shackles on you
You funny style
Cause I truly cherish the laughter
You and me is like the difference
Of slave niggas, and masters
2012 was when it popped off
Niggas was in their feelings now
But I spoke about that shit on "Mercy"
Four years after a gang of losses
Who would of thought
That I'd be standing here today
With no regrets
I know it's hard to picture
My legacy is more like Shady and Hov
Cause yea, it's taken me some time
But I'm the boss on this boat
I'm the owner of masters
The head chef when I'm cookin'
The visionarious visionary
The future is lookin'
Quite immaculate
I dabble with questions
About my past and shit
We go in the past and shit
I'm stayin' true to my roots
Hollywood Hollywood
Ya'll can keep that image
My fanbase respects the politics
Intelligent living
So let me break it down specifically
You niggas will never get to me
I'm not a rapper
More like God with a mic
And let's be honest
Them niggas never left no Threat
They got addicted to the hype
I kicked them out of the set
That for the record
Cause I aint the type
To be faking a friendship
Or touring around the world
With folks I dissed on a record
From the jump I kept it A-1
We was taking it over
How the fuck you hate on Poe
When he's the one who took you over
No apologies
I came from a single mother statistic
And my intuition was telling me
Not to trust these niggas
Too many enemies
Reflecting on memories of friendemies
Like I aint taught ya'll better
Like I aint built for the weather
Like I aint stood against the storm
When we was broke without a joke
I tried to keep the team together
But the team lost hope
When they was chillin'
With my enemies
Knowing that we was beefin'
On some Drake and Nicki shit
See I was Meek Mill
Taking note of it all
I hope you're happy in your situations
No home invasions
187s and pleas to the judge, my niggas
When it's all said and done
I prefer the purpose
I'm a legend in my own rights
Beneath the surface
You made a living off of lunch meal tickets
Robbing your fanbase
Underage stans who give a damn
About your fabrications
Another superstar the world embraces
And I find closure in my heart
Just knowing I aint basic, listen
Another superstar the world embraces
And I find closure in my heart
When any one of ya'll make it, nigga
No apologies.

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