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Introduction: "Aye whattup, Poe. It's Formula, man. Just wanted to drop by and let you know, um, I'm so happy we're talking and you know, kinda building again. I just wanted to remind you bro, you know, for those who left the camp and those who dissed us man, like, I just want to remind you that a lot of those cats are really just about themselves. You know, you've always been about spreading knowledge and putting people on. You're business savy bro, you're of the culture, and they don't understand that. Because they're just trying to get into Hip-Hop just to get out of the situations that they're in, you know. Put their people on, but not necessarily for the good of the group or even the good of the culture, man. So you know, I understand that because at the end of the day, being a producer trying to be in the media, we're all about pushing the culture forward. And I think that's why we've been able to link up and you know, have really good conversations about the scene and just Hip-Hop in general. But regardless if I'm part of your journey or not, you know it's always peace to the movement, man. I just wanted to say big ups to everything that you're doing moving forward. And you know, that you always got me bro. Call me when you see me" - The F.O.R.M.U.L.A [Chorus] I want the weed, bitches Dollar and a dream (10x) [Verse One] Smacking the competition That's nothing new I came in the game as a threat I'm leaving with body bags on my steps Made it a point to speak the facts Regardless of them I'm in the cloud soaring Looking Godly beyond the corridors I'd battle the odds My consequence was independence Make it personal my nigga And fuck your internet beefin' The future is livin' I came through the building reflectin' And five years without the god Done put a pause on these bitches Truth in the numbers I battle like thunder be rumbling Word to the streets You corny rappers Aint ever assassinating me Word to the wise The lord of the flies resurrected And when it's all said and done I bet you get the message, fucka [Chorus] (12x) [Verse Two] How many want it with Poe? I never gamble with caskets Keep my name outside your mouth Or take a trip across the axis killah Oh you tough, like Teletubbies callin' bluffs Hopping in and out of crews Paperwork on all you dudes It's funny, I be in the lab Just slummy on my bummy yo With Sonny on the cellie Touchin bellies in my videos The fuck you talkin' I'm Mike Tyson, The Son of Sam The son of man, I'm doctor Lector I silence the lambs [That Organized Threat forever infinite Shuttin' down you hypocrites] (2x) [Chorus] (12x)
[Verse One] I'm jumping out the window ceiling I'm eighty stories up and free falling Like Peter Parker losing out to Kingpin Smiling on my way down, I'm glorious Memories of better me's Memories of going out notorious Like B.I.G I see ya'll debating it Like who the fuck was Poe To ever have a plan to make it? I sat alone inside obsidian stone Reflecting on, how you thinkin' Killing off the god will ever bring salvation You a bummy A dumb ass dumby, I'm reachin' Cause I aint going out like that, nigga The fuck was you thinkin' My blood drippin' on my rib cage And my vision is blurry About to pull this Desert Eagle And introduce them to fury Before I blacked out They pullin' they macks out, reloaded While broken glass and shattered past Recording final moments Seven left up in the chamber About to ship express delivery Aint the type to pray to God So don't have mercy on me I just want to see them Falling out their windows Like some silhouettes, no regrets Dying in this way is truly better then Feeding off you vultures Who never cared for the culture Emptying out my clip, and send a kiss To broken memories, sonata.
Fly Away 03:42
Introduction: Ayo, sometimes I just want to get out this bitch. We've all been there. Yeah, we've all been there... [Chorus] I just want to fly away I just want to fly away Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I just want to fly away I just want to fly away Yeah, yeah, yeah (4x) [Verse One] Ayo, too long for my appetite I was sittin' back, tryin' to get it back That was 2012, I was thinkin' well I might as well just get a hold of that Now take a look at facts I did the math, a couple years We was killin' that Before I seen the world I had a couple girls Memories, they're no longer pearls I let it die, just to bring it back I had to fall before it escalated Why waste a bullet on a thirsty nigga? Life in prison? Dawg, you barely famous And I'm too intelligent That aint debated If I laid you to bed Bitch you probably made it I'll dumb it down for all you stupid niggas Groovy baby, that's the way I'm feelin' Flyin' way up to the highest buildin' I take it higher ever chance I'm given Disrespectful, yea it's been a minute You sold your soul out for a couple bitches Like damn... [Chorus](4x) [Bridge] And you ain't been about it And I ain't been about it Was never for the fame What is the point in denyin' that? You was politicing in the underground See my nigga, the fuck was you thinkin' Your self-esteem it was never listed Knowledge of self you was never gifted (2x)
Introduction: "My mind is a maze. Open your mind, and you'll be amazed at the things that you find that's lying deep inside, something so beautifully caged. Ashes, the womb from birth. I'ma lay this all down first with my intellect, as it interjects this Black Girl Magic into your universe. This world is mine, and you're blessed to be a feature in this infinite story, at my leisure. As I'm surely learning the inner's journey lies blessed inside the best Teachers. Yea I'm an open book, with a big image. Read between the lines, to get the bigger picture. This vibe was your favorite pre-set when the keys hit, cause this beat be so different" - Nubi [Verse One] My granny on my father's side Just happy that I had a chance To meet you in my 20s And I'm thankful for the conversations Vividly painted, look You've done so much for pops I hope you smiling down from Heaven Cause I'm standing at your bedside Just watchin' as you're sleepin' They say that cancer's in your brain And death is soon to creep in You livin' off of them ice cubes And an I.V. for your nutrients Beatrice, a miracle the strength You've shown through all of this I smile for you [Chorus] In the booth We was in the booth Toasted up to you Thinkin' back Little Granny had the shotty And the Mac, cock it back Now we groove to this We just payin' dues for this Beatrice, thank you for the memories You gave to this (2x) [Verse Two] Rose pedals at your grave site You know I'm missin' you Just wish we had some more time To build upon our issues Teach me about your history And the lessons you've learned Since 1932, I know you've watched This country burning You witnessed segregation Being a girl from the South And running from the Klan Something I'ma never have to know about You witnessed Martin Luther Jr. And Malcolm X assassinated Crooked cops and water hoses Within this nation You moved to California And placed your roots in LA Before the neighborhood was Crippin' They was eating up at your place Divorced your first husband After you had to pull that pistol on him Cause you aint never been no type To let no man hit you Your second marriage ended off With a knock at the door Another casualty of war He left you with three kids On your floor, and I forgive you Cause even though you weren't around You did the best you could With all that hurt you hadn't found And I smile for you [Chorus](2x)
Introduction: Dun, dun, dun, dun (Ain't nothin' to worry about) Yea, word, word [Verse One] Now welcome to the sermon Leave all you baggage at the door Cause you are not a burden, now listen I hear the president's got beef with the people Like when you give another man a badge And ya'll aint equal I'm gettin' tired of all the beef and shit I'm too mature to reach the kids I give them time to grow And watch them glow it up Like Oprah did And for the culture No vultures are permitted purchases My generation's syndication We want the love niggas I'm from the lineage of picking up cotton My trials and tribulations Will tend to fit the concept I often ponder the greatest You think they strive for that shit? You think these words gon' live forever With a video clip? [Chorus] You want the truth girl? I'll be right back (Whoo Whoo) You wanna put it on the Snap? Girl I'll be right back You wanna Instagram the jam? Girl I'll be right back You said you gave it up to who? I'll be right back (2x) She want the love Peace, that's all that she need (4x) [Bridge] Now what is love And am I stuck in the rain? I wanna, I wanna embody Everything that I'm destined Cause I done seen a life a crime Bring out the worst in the bestest The wackness (Aint nothing to worry about) [Verse Two] And I done traveled pretty far to be here Like what a blessing So many tried to knock me down My motivation was battle scars Surviving the times You couldn't shake em' Cause money never meant more Than this art I've created So many of my peers Aint even smiling no more As if this music industry Done sucked the life out their pores Because they used to love to write sixteens Bout bigger things and bigger dreams Now everything they write is make believe Now everything they write is fabrication Damn, it's easy to fall down without foundation But we gon' take it to the top notch Regardless of the faithless like I know you feel what I'm sayin' Ayo the villainous god-body I'm relaxing in the solar caps My dialogue bring vindication You say you mason But you lackin' the basics Before I'm lookin' up to who? You must be buggin' off them fairytales You spoke in the booth I'm very different my nigga You like the rest of them dudes poppin' I'll treat a 32 like stock options Or some real estate investments The flow is quite delicious Prayin' for Lord Darcia? Well I'm here to give the business My style of a bastard Canaanites descending into Eden The Roman Face Caligula Dick swingin' like a pendulum repeated I do it for the culture You niggas bother me Never poppin' oxy rocks Got some better thoughts For locks in the economy [Chorus](2x)
Introduction: I just want to do it different I just want to do it different I just want to do it different I just want to do it different (Word, Word) [Verse One] The most immaculate Got a golden grip like Lazarus While I'm in the third dimension To elevate my existence Like what's the mission Building blocks We never give a description Burning chariots in Babylon While we smokin' blunts to carry on We shootin Apollo down Giving praise to the moon Hieroglyphics and dead religions Will manifest beyond the tomb Seeking survival From the Temple of Doom And in my arrival Hovercrafts illuminating the night Surrounded by the darkness From the deadly marksmen Serengeti on flying carpets To the genie with the alibi Who's diamonds covered the hopeless While you're seeking thirty-two degrees Of the fundamental masonry Demigods on the boarders of Mecca Who's standing a chance against us? The fellowship, a solar eclipse Above your embassy, silly rabbit Them deadly rascals Will hibernate their enemies Send them to Hell The devil's Gangrel Feasting off blood shells The gods are well Sending iron swords Across your crucifix The mothership [Chorus] We the last of a dying breed I just want to do it different I just want to do it different (4x) [Verse Two] I'll flip the script To murder these wack styles surrounding me A couple rounds outside the balcony At the top of the volcano Get carried off by my tornado In the aftermath we're teleporting Through solar winds and galaxies How many speaking the alchemy From the hidden scrolls of your majesty I'm majestic, and magnetic to the universe That we're living in From the gods that I be spittin' with Or the blocks that I be livin' in I conquered the battlefield Got seven kingdoms in rotation Being wrapped around my mental Like the thoughts of elevation Before I'm blasting off I'm castin' off to better days My lyrical AK sprayin' in every direction Killuminati, I'll put an end to your superstition Leaving the imprints of my hieroglyphics Scatters across the biblical I'm self made, illuminated, immaculate The prophet speaking prophecies On the royal steps of the palace's To Lazarus, who dares to battle this Spoken cause I'm chosen I'm meditating within' the self While you're beholding The headless horsemen [Chorus] (8x)
Introduction: God's above man Forever Villainous [Bridge] And the sun still shines And the sun still shines bright (4x) [Chorus] We just waiting on the sunshine And the sun still shines And the sun still shines bright (4x) [Verse One] I'm the mothafuckin' truth In the booth when I'm speakin' God in the flesh I'm blacker than my features New about the VII They didn't want to hear him So I went around them Now they wanna feel him Fuck em! Long live the villainous VON POE My enemies dying slow I came with a newer flow to kill em Steppin' in the buildin' like who is who? My focus is win or lose You basic without a crew You naked, fucka Standing on the frontline Nubian Prince, the Motherland That's embedded in him So when he acts so cocky When acknowledging the god-body in him The prophecy corrupted in sin I'll spit a verse to the wind flowing My style's so potent I'm burnin' the Omen The white- nevermind it It's over, nigga Gods above man and that's the offering Ominous flows bombin' Astonishing the scholarly type I want my poetry discovered in a Biblical light I want my legacy remembered As a Biblical sight And when the Armageddon's upon us We roar like thunder, fuck ya'll numbers We celebrate the beautiful life (just waiting on the sunshine) [Bridge] And the sun still shines And the sun still shines bright (4x) [Chorus] We just waiting on the sunshine And the sun still shines And the sun still shines bright (4x)
Strangers 03:43
Introduction: "I was still in the neighborhood. I was still, you know, a part of the hood. And despite all this big shit that was going on around me, I still was the same person. So it couldn't affect me, it never got bigger than me. And I see the same thing in yourself, as far as being connected with all your homies. How you started off, and how it was all about you and your homies. That's what it was about with me, me and my homies. Making sure everybody eats, making sure every body's involved. But as you grow, you lose certain homies. Because it's called closing the gap. This is the gap when we start, and this is the gap as you grow. Notice how you grow, and they dont? So how do you close the gap, you gotta come back down. When you come back down, you lose." - Snoop Dogg [Verse One] Seventeen without a care in the world Was gettin' pussy then But still aint have no girl See I was posted on the wall Thinkin' of plots for the world Cause domination is a factor With a lack of referrals My calm demeanor was surviving at its finest Last of a generation of segregated Moments of violence Why you chillin' with them Ese's Without no guidance? No a nigga in the streets Don't forget your alliance I knew this Puerto Rican Reppin' from the steps of a preacher His family tree was gangbangers And a room full of teachers He was fuckin' on this shorty Who I later called a sister From the murda, we was P-Twon I'll paint the picture That was my nigga From the fifth grade regardless And after graduation had a fallout retarded But I remember Top was in the booth Screamin' fuck them niggas We about to take this rap shit Beyond them niggas I beg to differ, it was Deja Vu I had a fallout with dude Because he didn't want to build with the crew Even though they were the same cats Who held me down when we left As far as he's concerned They aint a part of the Threat Now I'm lookin' at them both Like what's the issue Got it blasted on my left side You know we was official I don't remember birthdays I barely even miss you I don't remember birthdays I barely even miss you Interlude: "So you gotta keep going up. That's why closing the gap, gotta be them catching up to you. And if they don't catch up, then you gotta leave them beyond. Because you're getting to the point now where you gotta start cuttin' out, you know what I'm sayin. And it's like, you can't look back when you're cuttin out. Cause if they meant to be there, they gon' be there forever" - Snoop Dogg [Verse Two] Twenty-Eight but now a care in the world And it's been about six years With me and my girl Ayo it's been about a lifetime With me and my twin And I'm just happy That he's in my life again Back to the story I came for the glory my niggas I took a couple bitches out the hood And that's for good, I don't need that Energy around me They're strangers in my rear view I'm hoping that they found peace regardless Do it for the offering, been a minute Got lost in all the sauces we were conjuring Niggas thought they was harder than The mothafuckin' villain, yo I'm in this Cut from a cloth you find expensive Couldn't afford to rent this And bitches gettin' favors off their pussy Give it time, Give it time What I do to rookies Pardon my type of rhyming I love when the stars aligning They thought they was really shining You basic, I'm more defiant as Poe nigga Outro: "But that's what the laws of the game do. It puts you in positions to where, sometimes you have to have these types of situations to see who's really supposed to be there" - Snoop Dogg
Introduction: Yo fuck all that talkin, get to the music nigga. Ima get to it. Yo hold up, let me get to it. [Verse One] I'm waking up to yet another issue We been them niggas since the roots We aint got time to miss you And sexy womens in DMs I'm trying to meet you My main shorty with the strap on She'd love to greet you That alfredo fettuccine It got me feeding the needy And no indeedy, I don't do graffiti The fuck I'm lookin' like I rolled the dice to boss up And bettered my life You been a bitch I caught the fades on sight Threat Culture that's the motto We still organized, expand the enterprise Got me thinkin' as if the vision Needed emphasize I've always been a problem To shady offerings The more I think about it, shit The bigger my accomplishments Welcome to the culture This only for the family From now on, let bygones be bygones The past no longer sings to me Like who the fuck is them I've never heard of em' Save it for the birds and umm Threat Culture Threat Culture [Verse Two] See Ima always rep the Threat Until the day of my death With no regrets, on my chest You don't impress when you flexin' I went to war for the seven You just barkin' on your keyboard We aint never purchased wolf tickets Word to the Lord Ayo pardon I'm cocky Apollo rounds before he lost to Rocky You Pacquiao in his prime But even then you couldn't box with me I kept the glock with the pocket Before I had the options Of making this music pop off I was on the block with the rocket I'm a narcissist I'm trying to beat the odds Before the Parkinson's Got a bunch of throwaway verses That are deeper than your hottest shit I promise this That's word to all my niggas With they seats back Puffin a blunt to relapse Bet a million that we make it I was the illest nigga Coming out of that wack ass scene You was stuck in the matrix I'm too iLL like honey and bacon Now your legacy's wasted A bunch of dirty business at the banquet Got you lookin' like a freak show What the fuck you niggas thinkin? Yo I aint worried, I'm eating this curry While I'm peeping the birdy I'm laughin' at stories That bitches try to hide for the glory I've been chilla than Magilla Gorilla I been steady like the stones on a pillar I've been stackin' the scrilla Money bands, Money bands I want a hundred grand in my hands And if I did it all for myself I'd be lying dead to my family That's a Grammy nigga That's for my brother Papa J. Even if I died tomorrow I better get one anyway The villain is back I'm still convinced that niggas is wack You get pushed to the back If you still debate if Fredo is fact That Seraph-in fact that gutta rap We bringing it back And I want the heads of corrupted officers Killing Black and Brown people Threat Culture
Introduction: "Ah come on my nig, I needed you to pick up bro. I'm not about to tell you, how long we been coo. I'm not about to tell you mothafucka..." - Dev Twon [Verse One] And I admit defeat From the birth of what was lost And from the start of it, lookin' back We should have never watered this Beef accustomed to mustard When you're adjusted takin' buses The system never showed you justice What the fuck is family dysfunction You wanted fairytales, resolve them So many years I thought I was the problem My life reflectin', imagine it Searching for the balances, a way out I put my faith in self and let it weigh out We knew better Was never part of the planning And you walkin' out my life Yo, I was feelin' empty handed This the truth though Them niggas tried to lie over their jealousy I'm laughin' at them now You niggas fell apart tremendously You're cryin' in the booth Cause all you ever brought was misery I'm shining in the dark Cause I will never let you get to me Pitiful, immaculate rhyming Forever grinding, it's "P" I'll never change Still got love for the streets [Chorus] And when the sun shines, sun shines And it's my time, my time We gon' reconnect the family ties Kickin' back up in this house of mine (2x) Interlude: "Im not about to tell you, mothafucka. You know what? What I am gon' tell you is, nigga I'm coming back to Cali cuhz. We about to go crazy bro. Aye, we about to do all that shit we said we about to do. You already know man, aye. Look, lets get this shit bro. It's a whole new year man, you know what time it is" - Dev Twon [Verse Two] My style is more immaculate You want the truth I'm not your average spitta I hit the booth to raise your consciousness My introduction like taggin' busses For fuckin' it raw (respect the art form) And the deadly daggers My tongue swing, bombin' on instrumentals Who said the god don't rap? I didn't think so I'm a caliber above Whoever's the dopest emcee My brother J. was just being polite We in that top three Overshadowed by the culture itself Perfected wealth, acquire knowledge Cause my people need help My words are felt beyond a moment of hyping You put your faith in a bunch of rappers Who now run from the light (that shit is crazy) Don't get me started on the repo rapping And begin demanding, while apprehending Your dividends as tax for the culture You took a boat to ride the top wave In a rented production Lamborghini, dumb bitch, Ferrari top You look retarded nigga And I spit it how I'm feelin' You rap critics can suck a dick For as long as I'm livin' VON POE THE VILLAIN Hated opinions that never mattered Hit the sour, you playing savage While I'm closer to god [Chrous](4x)


The man you hear above, is a reflective man, who's able to look back and appreciate all the lessons learned throughout his twenties (a few more years for I enter them 30s). And what I find most compelling, is that this trilogy embodies my twenties. Not just on some "I made a project during these years", but more along the lines of having created a bit of a audio diary that I can always look back on. I'm proud of that.

I was locked up in this room, this apartment, writing and recording. When I left, it was to see my granny and help my pops with her situation. So I appreciate everyone's patience, and I appreciate the love and support y'all continue to give.

The final chapter to the three-part TPOLAW Trilogy, and the ending (and beginning) of a story half a decade in the making. Since 2012, back when I first began recording The Purity of Love and War, my story has been something that I've enjoyed sharing through my music very much. So much has happened, and had happened throughout the years, and to have lived long enough to share that journey with you all has been a beautiful blessing. I've had my ups and downs like any artist I'm sure, but to be here in this position is something I'm very grateful for. Take a second to enjoy the sounds, read over the lyrics, and make sure to be on the lookout for the visuals that are to come with this project (and the others as well). I've enjoyed this journey so much, and I look forward to the next chapters. Forever Villainous.


released January 7, 2018


all rights reserved



VON POE VII Perris, California

Film the timeless, and record my poetry. A man of few words.

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