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2017 TIL' INFINITY is a collection of several songs written during the last few weeks in the year 2016. Originally just throwaway tracks, music I was making to pass the time, these tracks have since become an extension of my most recent project, THE PURITY OF LOVE AND WAR, as well as turned into some personal favorites. I hope you enjoy it.

Ps. If you haven't had a chance to download TPOLAW as of yet, please do so before or after listening to this project, as they are both a part of the same family. Much love to all my listeners.


released December 17, 2016



all rights reserved


VON POE VII Riverside, California

I film amazing people, and record my poetry.

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Track Name: A Message From Papa J. Ruiz

"Shit, when I wanted to start rapping, it was just about trying to be like the mothafuckas I looked up to. Just trying to be like them. It's like basketball, everybody wanna be like Mike. Everybody wanna be like Kobe. I didn't know what it took to be like that. With time and dedication, I realized what that shit took. Nothing's going to get handed to you. You gotta take that shit from them, and I'm not saying being a thief. But what I am saying, is that you gotta take what you deserve, and what you earned. I've been through so many alleys, so many valleys, so many down places, that every high point is a beautiful place to me. So can't nobody stop me but myself. And it's not just about 2017, it's about longevity baby. It's about forever, even when I'm not here in the physical. So you already know it's that's THREATt, it's that VII, and it's that iii baby. Real mothafuckas talkin, school em baby!" - Papa J. Ruiz
Track Name: Pulp Fiction

Mic check one-two one-two. You recording? Aight coo. 2017 Til' Infinity, baby. Apologies on the wait, I've been busy. Listen...


My style's more immaculate
You want the truth?
I'm not your average spitta
I hit the booth to raise your consciousness
My introduction like taggin buses or fuckin it raw
(respect the art form)
The deadly daggers my tongue swings
Bombing on instrumentals
Who said the god don't rap?
I didn't think so
I'm a caliber above whoever's the dopest emcee
My brother J. was just being polite
We in that top three
Overshadowed by the culture itself
Perfected wealth
Acquire knowledge cause my people need help
My words are felt beyond a moment of hyping
You put your faith in a bunch of rappers
Who now run from the light
(that shit is crazy)
Don't get me started on that repo rappin'
And begin demanding while apprehending your dividends
As tax for the culture
You took a boat to ride the top wave
In a rented production
Lamborghini, dumb bitch, Ferrari top
You look retarded nigga
And I spit it how I feel it
You rap critics can suck a dick for as long as I'm living
Hated opinions that never mattered
Hit the sour
You play savage while I'm closer to God
(my nigga)
Track Name: Trials and Tribulations

Life is beautiful, remember that...


Ayo I finally got in touch with my father
Who would have believed
That after seventeen years
A conversation in peace
That's a beautiful blessing
My mother
Set the standard for forgiveness
Wow, she's finding comfort in her lover
And she's smiling now
I'm praying for them
Ayo them doctors what they talkin' bout?
I want the best for my auntie
But she gotta walk it out
And my cousin's on the DL
And I wonder if she [censored]
That money coming long
But I aint got the heart to call it dude
Got another cousin fresh out the pin
Almost a decade
Now that's a real fuckin shoot dawg
She'll ride for the fam
So what's your purpose my nigga
Get you nervous with the execution
You still waiting on your moment to pop
Knowing that you flopped my nigga
I'm destined for greatness but I aint dependent on it
See that's the difference
Cause my happiness is self inflicted
And I get the love whenever I'm spittin'
I'm probably the illest
To make my way out of that Riverside
That's how I'm feeling


One time for your mothafuckin feelings
And two times cause I'm back up on my shit
And three times if yo' niggas in the building
And four times if you came here with a friend
Goddamn (goddamn)


The second verse is dedicated
To my trials and tribulations
I know my family watchin'
Just hope ya'll here when I make it
See I got some news the other day
That kinda rocked my world [censored]
Salute my boy and his girl
I'm overly dedicated to the people I'm lovin'
Never monogamous with the heart though
Me and my girl get issues
At times I'm thinking we're better bonding as friends
And truth be told
She would probably
Sacrifice more of herself then I would ever imagine
Because she loves me like that
And because I love her right back nigga
I'm just trying to find my balance
I got a problem with women
It's not a problem
It's just a problem to women
Just like my father do I swear to god
I wish I didn't live so far from you
My twin brother
Just know I love you dawg
And all that you're doing
You my nigga and that's for life
If I could take us back in time
I would have made a better effort


One time for your mothafuckin feelings
And two times cause I'm back up on my shit
And three times if yo' niggas in the building
And four times if you came here with a friend
Goddamn (goddamn)
Track Name: Out of The Furnace

We're almost done here, baby.


That peer pressure
He never knew any better
But he came a long way
From stackin' change and tatted papers
On the rebound
He could spark the revolution when he was speaking
If only he had learned about the teachings
He was caught up in that darkness
Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Covered Starfish
Or Papa Roach before the glamorous days
He was trapped in a cage of emotion
He's only gotten better in the process
Long live The Villain
God willing we done came up
Spark that retribution
Let this music be the front lines
To anything we doing
Let the music live forever
And long after material wealth
I wanna study all these lyrics we felt
Treat them like the stars
My timing here is destiny
I'm more of catalyst
Than any negative that you've heard about me
Forever humble without a doubt
Pursue my purpose with a vision
A nigga had the juice since we was children
[That gutta gutta
I'm rockin better than most of yall with the stutters
I flow like butter that P-Town brotha] 2x
(now what's the word baby?)


Cause we aint done living
Cause we aint done living
And would you love me
If I let you kiss obsidian rings
My broken heart and all the things
That you dismissed in the end
My beautiful bliss
Cause we aint done living


Ayo my popularity gleaming
Immaculate dreaming
Go toe to toe with sucka emcees
Who give me a reason
Killing these feelings up in the building
Black Panther hold my fist to the sky
Forever glorified
I share my pains in the booth
I spark the blunt to reminisce
On better days as a youth
I find it funny your proposition
They dance with the devil
My soul remaining the Holier
Between myself and the crowd
And when it's all said and done
I'm walking away with reputation
My beautiful patience
Was never backing down from no one
Or no man
A nomad gripping his fuckin' gonads
And I did it for the culture
Just like I told you
We were sent to praise celestial beings
The fall of man reflects the dying times
Of Brutus and Caesar
Olympian greatness
I spar with the Spartans forever haunted
I'm Dante walking through Hell's fire and motivation
(what's the word baby?)


Cause we aint done living
Cause we aint done living
And would you love me
If I let you kiss obsidian rings
My broken heart and all the things
That you dismissed in the end
My beautiful bliss
Cause we aint done living


Illuminate the snake
Speak for a generation of people
Who's motivation is to all live equal
By any means a revolutionary
Project my weapon with the stroke of a pen
My verbal blades against the hearts of men
Track Name: 2017 Til' Infinity

Before we get out of here, y'all go make sure to go cop The Purity of Love and War, know what I'm saying? It's a free project, for y'all. From me to y'all feel me? So turn it up on em' real quick.


I'm talkin to 2017 Til' Infinity, nigga
(im talkin' im talking im talkin' im talkin') 4x


I be the first to warn em
You was hatin' on that nigga
Boy that karma caught up
Now I aint lookin' back for nothin'
We was swerving on em'
Catch me up in my lane dippin'
I'm just doing my thang livin'
Why the fuck was you hatin' trippin'
I'm talkin' 2017 Til Infinity. nigga...